Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Runner Feet, Be Gone!

Like most everyone out there, I enjoy seeing friends' posts on Facebook. While some posts may be annoying recipe shares, every once in a while I see something that really looks to be worth investigating. One day I happened upon something that really caught my attention: a "foot soaking" solution. As someone who has her fair share of yucky, dead skin on her poor ole marathon feet, I thought this was worth a shot.

Looks simple enough, right?

With as straightforward an ingredients list as that, it was worth trying. Most people probably already have those items on hand. The only thing is... as is, that recipe makes one cup of liquid. That's NOT enough to cover two rough feet! I quadruple that and get a whopping two cups of liquid. It is sufficient. 

Just like it says, soak those babies for ten minutes.

After the soak, with your feet still wet, you'll find it rather quick and easy to use a pumice stone. In no time you'll have smooth, minty fresh feet. 

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Susan said...

I think I saw someone else share this sometime...and thought, oh huh. and that was that. Never tried it.

But I may now!! Thanks for the tip, SS!